A Concerned Mother’s Response to Fifty Shades of Grey


It would be hard for a prophet from the Bible to engage with our culture today; the negative feedback would be astounding: “Hater.” “God wouldn’t want you judging.” “It’s not hurting anyone.”

And while we would never compare a movie to a biblical hero, those are some of the phrases we’ve heard in posts encouraging people to see OLD FASHIONED on Valentine’s Day weekend instead of the movie Hollywood thinks is romantic film.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones that see the potential harm. We’d like to encourage you to read what Michelle S. Lazurek wrote as an open letter to her daughter on Movieguide’s website.

“The movies you may watch do not portray women in a positive light. Hollywood does not view you the same way that God does. God wants to liberate you and allow you to be all you can be. He wants you to see yourself as special so you, as well as guys will cherish you as a special gift.”

It’s a powerful piece in its entirety, so be sure to read it. And know: we are grateful for all of you who join us in celebrating that love is patient … love is kind … love is OLD FASHIONED.

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The Old Fashioned Team