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"I applaud the creators of the film OLD FASHIONED for highlighting the beauty of old fashioned values, chivalry and honor."
Juli Slattery, President & Co-Founder Authentic Intimacy and author of Pulling Back the Shades

“This movie reveals how love can both free you from your past and give you a new future.”
Father Mike Schmitz, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for Diocese of Duluth

OLD FASHIONED is a tender movie about true love and respecting the dignity of women …”
Teresa Tomeo, Bestselling Author

OLD FASHIONED is more than a wonderful, old-fashioned love story. It’s also a romantic movie that will inspire and encourage people to trust God with their relationships.”
David A.R. White, Managing Partner, Producer, and Actor, Pure Flix

OLD FASHIONED is an interesting story that makes you think about what is important in a relationship.”
Noah and Becky Hamilton,

OLD FASHIONED has original, quirky characters and a valuable message about the importance of a broad, balanced faith that makes room for mercy and self-forgiveness.”
John Kennedy, “Faith, Media and Culture” Beliefnet blogger

“An excellent date movie with a heartfelt message. A rarity in this day and age!”
Guy Noland, Executive Director, SAVN.TV

OLD FASHIONED is a love story set in reality, and it shows us the sacrifice, joy, and beauty of true love.”
Sarah Swafford, speaker and author of Emotional Virtue

"OLD FASHIONED is a breath of fresh air. … I love it!"
Wendy Griffith, 700 Club co-host

"Make an OLD FASHIONED movie date and share popcorn and a little true love."
Pam and Bill Farrel, authors

"Like God's Not Dead, OLD FASHIONED packs the potential and power to send shockwaves through the culture."
DeWayne Hamby, Charisma Magazine

“This timeless film will remind young adults that God’s grace never runs out!”
Mark Whitt, LifeWay Christian Resources

"An amazing film for anyone who is looking to truly love in a way that never goes out of style!"
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of

"OLD FASHIONED is the kind of love story Hollywood has been lacking for decades. … Bravo! And two thumbs way up!"
Patrick Novecosky, Editor-in-Chief, Legatus magazine

"Guys, take your girlfriends or wives to see this movie. I promise you won't be disappointed and she will thank you for it."
Dave Palmer, general manager of Guadalupe Radio

"OLD FASHIONED is a love story that highlights love as it should be and as it can be."
Sarah Reinhard, Author

"Thoughtful, sensitive, beautiful …"
SQuire Rushnell, When God Winks

"A compelling argument for the Biblical principle of honor in relationships."
Melinda Ledman, Christian Cinema

"This is an old-fashioned movie for romantics!"
Dove Foundation "Faith-Friendly Seal" Review

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